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Spring in Florida

This is just one color in the riot of colors produced by the blooming Azalea plants that announce spring here on the west coast of central Florida. My blog header photo is one taken in my yard. These azaleas were the inspiration for this painting done on the door of tiny cabinet with […]

Museum of Decorative Painting

Gathering Eggs

Last month, on our way north to a family reunion in Ohio, my husband and I stopped in Atlanta at the Museum of Decorative Painting that used to be called the DAC or Decorative Arts Collection. Through the years, I’ve seen pieces from the DAC displayed at various Society of Decorative […]

Decorative Painting Instruction Video

This is a short video presentation of some of my paintings showing the wide range of art instructions available on my website. You will see still life and floral, as well as holiday and nature themes. Enjoy!


Web site progress

The graduation was really nice. We are very proud of our granddaughter; she is such a lovely young lady. She starts community college in the fall and plans to go into nursing eventually.

With all the family activities, I’m afraid I have strayed from working on the web site. Thankfully, Marian has stuck with […]

Taking a break

I’m getting quite proficient with scanning photos to post on my website. I did quite a few Saturday and then our son, John, worked a few hours on fixing the problem with getting the mail from the new site through Outlook. It still isn’t working properly but possibly progress was made. Now, I am taking […]

Azalea Header

Today the new header for my blog was created. These are azaleas from our yard. Each February/ March it’s a riot of color as they bloom. It’s my favorite time of year to be home. Our plants are quite old. I started plantings in the late 50’s and early 60’s, even before we built the […]