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Original Oil Painting Gallery

Yellow Hibiscus


Just in time for Christmas shopping; I’ve posted original artwork in my gallery! This bowl is just one of the items. I’ve had this category on my web site since it’s inception, but never posted anything in it. All of the items I’m posting at this time are painted from my […]

Americana True Still Life

I love americana and patriotic themes. A new 27-page E-packet was added to my web site this week. I considered calling it an E-book because of the size. LOL The design itself has been painted for quite some time, but I had not completed the details on the computer. I wish I had; it […]

My first e-packet

If you want a great, detailed grape study and water-drop study with instructions for doing gold leafing, you will find it under e-packets. […]

Web Site Up and Running

I’m so happy to have my new web site up and running. Marian did a great job with the design and I love it. I still have a lot to learn about managing the site but Marian continues to hold my hand. I will be adding more packets to the site as well as adding […]

Web site progress

The graduation was really nice. We are very proud of our granddaughter; she is such a lovely young lady. She starts community college in the fall and plans to go into nursing eventually.

With all the family activities, I’m afraid I have strayed from working on the web site. Thankfully, Marian has stuck with […]

Email is working, Hooray

I’m still on my “break” mentioned in the last blog but wanted to give you the happy news that the email problem is fixed at last, thanks to my daughter-in-law, Sandi. She and Marian worked together one evening to get everything synchronized. We gave up on Outlook and set it up on Windows Live. It […]