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Saving an oil palette

When you are painting on a project that you cannot finish in one sitting, it is important to know how to save your oil palette for the next session. The type of palette used is not so important as long as the material it is made from does not absorb oils from the paint. I […]

Spring in Florida

This is just one color in the riot of colors produced by the blooming Azalea plants that announce spring here on the west coast of central Florida. My blog header photo is one taken in my yard. These azaleas were the inspiration for this painting done on the door of tiny cabinet with […]

Color Can Create Spatial Dimension

The subject of Spatial Dimension in a painting is a natural follow-up to my blog on the attributes of color. Understanding how to properly use color allows one to create dimension. To review briefly, there are three attributes to color: value, intensity and temperature. These three attributes can be manipulated to make an object in […]

Original Oil Painting Gallery

Yellow Hibiscus


Just in time for Christmas shopping; I’ve posted original artwork in my gallery! This bowl is just one of the items. I’ve had this category on my web site since it’s inception, but never posted anything in it. All of the items I’m posting at this time are painted from my […]

Summer Hydrangeas/Winter Poinsettias

Last summer, I had the priviledge of attending a Mary Jo Leisure design class. One of the “challenges” she gave us was to create a design for a flat piece of wood with a pre-cut shape. The cut shape on one end made me think of ribbons so naturally flowers came to mind. I […]

The Three Attributes of Color

In May, I had the pleasure of teaching the Advancing Your Skills class at the SDP convention. One topic presented in the class addressed the attributes of color. All colors have three attributes: value, intensity, and temperature. These attributes are as important to consider as the color itself.


Value is the lightness or darkness […]