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Color Can Create Spatial Dimension

The subject of Spatial Dimension in a painting is a natural follow-up to my blog on the attributes of color. Understanding how to properly use color allows one to create dimension. To review briefly, there are three attributes to color: value, intensity and temperature. These three attributes can be manipulated to make an object in [...]

The Three Attributes of Color

In May, I had the pleasure of teaching the Advancing Your Skills class at the SDP convention. One topic presented in the class addressed the attributes of color. All colors have three attributes: value, intensity, and temperature. These attributes are as important to consider as the color itself.


Value is the lightness or darkness [...]

Protect Your Painted Wood Pieces With Wax

Some time ago, a question was posted on Facebook about waxing painted pieces. Waxing with a fine quality paste wax after varnish is dry will not only add a rich luster to your painted piece, it will add durability. Any piece you’ve painted that will be used in the kitchen or bathroom should have a [...]

Major or Minor Details

Details and water drops

Attention to good detail is important whether you are painting realistic floral arrangements, fruit, vegetables, sharp focus still life, landscapes, animals or portraits of people . The glint of light in an eye or on a water drop, pollen on a pistol, tiny stamens in a flower center or bug [...]


Artist’s block? At times I stare at the blank white drawing pad and I feel I don’t have a new design or painting idea left in me. Other times, the object of my staring is the computer screen and I don’t know what to blog about…writer’s block. I’ve learned that staring doesn’t get me anywhere. [...]


What Is Value to an artist?

Value is a word that we may not normally think of in the context of creating art, but it is one of the most important concepts for painters to grasp. According to Merriam-Webster the word value means The relative lightness or darkness of a color. It means the relationship [...]