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New e-packet, Jingle Bell Christmas

Jingle Bell Christmas Still LifeTime to paint for the holidays!  Today a new e-packet was added to my web site.  It is a Christmas Still Life with a brass candlestick and red candle under a glass globe with a brass  jingle bell.  I included a photo of an ornament I painted using just part of the design; the bell with a red ribbon, holly leaves and pine.  You can see the tin ornament photo on the shopping cart.  Go to Categories/E-packets.

Recently someone asked me “What is an e-packet?”  It was new to her and she was concerned she would not be able to get it because, in her words, she is not very computer savvy.

An e-packet is a .pdf form of the painting packet that can be downloaded and saved onto your computer.  It is quite simple as a code is sent to you and you can download it anytime for the next three days.  It’s so convenient to have this form of a packet on your computer because not only can you print it out to work with, you still have it to view the photos on the computer monitor.  Details are so much easier to see on the monitor than  in a printed photo.

Also, shipping is free and you do not have to wait for the mailman to deliver it.  You have it instantly!  I hope you will give it a try soon.  Don’t worry.  if for any reason you cannot download my e-packet, I’ll make sure a copy is sent to you.  As with any of my packets, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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