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Jean has always loved art but became aware of decorative painting in 1974. After seeing some paintings a friend had done, she knew she wanted to learn this art form. She took her first formal class from a local Priscilla Hauser accredited instructor, B. J. Cook in 1975. She loved it and was hooked after just a couple lessons. Mini-canvas was the rage about that time and Jean thought she would just paint those forever but eventually she came back to decorative painting. She joined the Society of Decorative Painters in 1976 or 77. About the same time, a neighbor and a few friends twisted her arm to teach them. After teaching a few months in a remodeled room that was originally her garage, she realized she needed a lot more training and began to take seminars as often as possible, traveling and studying through the years with many nationally-known teachers. She credits this training along with her many years of teaching experience for making the written instructions in each of her design packets easy for a painter to follow.

Jean attempted her first SDP certification board in 1981. It was pretty awful and got about the lowest score possible. For the next ten years she was so involved in teaching classes she didn’t feel she had the time to apply again. But, in 1991, with prodding from Ann Kingslan to give it a try, she received her certification (Certified Decorative Artist). She passed the Master Floral in 1993, the Master Still Life in 1995 and received an MDA (Master Decorative Artist) after successfully completing all requirements with the Master Stroke Tray in 1999. Since then she has served the SDP as a judge, judge’s clerk, and taught in the Master Keys Program. She has written several magazine and Decorative Painter articles through the years.

Jean was the founder and first president of the Florida Suncoast Decorative Artists, the local chapter of the SDP in 1990. This group of friendly, enthusiastic and talented artists continues to flourish and is supportive of educational programs and numerous philanthropic activities.

Jean occasionally travels to teach in addition to teaching at conventions. Her seminars are in oils, the medium she loves most.

Jean was born in Ohio and moved to Florida on her 14th birthday. She met her husband Richard, a Tampa native, at age 15 in high school and they were married in 1953. They have two married sons and have been blessed with three grandsons and a granddaughter.